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Change is in the Air: Not-Summer is Coming

I feel like September has gotten away from me. When I was looking at my planting calendar and I was like…huh….time to start putting out the cold weather stuff. My garden is in this weird part of the year, where I’ve got watermelon and kale growing at the same time; for whatever reason I feel like there is a seasonal disconnect there.

Teachers in my district are returning to the classroom on October 12th, so I really need to get seedlings started and seeds in the ground. I learned pretty quickly that my batch of brassicas that I planted this summer was a wee-bit ambitious, because they grew fast and soon became root bound before it was cool enough for them to move outside. You live and learn, I suppose. If I plant things now, they should be ready to go out by mid October. I did have some chard and kale that went into the ground this week.

Judging by the progress we made on the Chicken Tractor, prior to TS Beta rolling into town, we might actually get the girls into their new home this weekend. We MIGHT have gotten the door hung, but the wood was so warped that it wouldn’t hang straight. We had to completely redo the door as light was disappearing on Saturday night. Some of this, like the rest of the door assembly and the waterer assembly, can be done in the garage in the evenings after work. For those of you who have asked on the Facebook page and Instagram, our flock integration is almost complete. You would almost never know that they are two different groups of hens, except that the Churchills are still a bit smaller than the Windsors; just a bit smaller though. The Churchills will be four months old in a week, so I’m considering starting to transition everyone back on to layer mix when that happens. I’m also about to see the Windsors start molting pretty soon, if last year was any indication, so I’m planning on upping their bug ration. We are hoping to buy some Premier One poultry netting when the energizers come back into stock. Everett has mentioned on multiple occasions that he thinks the girls’ lack of yard is a terribly sad and I’m inclined to agree.

If this September has been any indication, the rest of the year is going to blow by in a blink of an eye. Everett and I need to buckle down. We have a lot to do.

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