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The Cursed Chicken Tractor: So Close…

We made progress with the chicken tractor this weekend. After sweeping thick mud from Tropical Storm Beta off the sides, we got to work. I finished painting the door frame and spray painted a new addition to the project: The Chick Lift. I saw this first on the Sow the Land YouTube Channel, but didn’t know what it was called. Then GoldShaw Farm did a review. Everett and I looked at each other and said, “where do we buy it?!” We have decided that if this thing works as well as it looks like it does, it will be folded into each future chicken tractor project. Yes, I spray painted it. It arrived Friday evening and while it’s standard racing green was lovely, I’ve spent so much time and effort into color coordinating this chicken tractor that I wasn’t going to put something that didn’t quite match on it. I had a half a can of spray paint left over from the nesting boxes, so it is now aqua and all is right with the world.

I painted the door while Everett added the pull rope. When the paint on the door was dry, we attached the hardware cloth the hinges. The door and latch went on without a hitch. Everything was going so smoothly, so we decided to add the tarp.

Here is the thing about canvas tarps. When you buy them on the internet, the vendors frequently tell you the tarp is 8×10 or 9×15. What they don’t tell you is that is the size when it’s cut, NOT when it’s hemmed. Once it’s hemmed, you lose 6 inches from length and width and all of a sudden your tarp is three inches short on both sides and you have no way to attach it to your tractor. How do we know about this? Well the chicken tractor is cursed after all. New tarp has been order and will be delivered shortly.

I was able to assemble the waterer and hang it, so small victory for the Leyshaw Homestead. However, when we attempted to add the ChickLift, the bolts would not go through the metal frame because the bolt was too big or the hole was too small. We ordered our own hardware which we should be able to pick up today. I’m hoping over the course of the week, we should be able to do the few things we have left in order to move the chickens, but as of now IT STILL ISN’T DONE.

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