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Mission Accomplished: “Stress Free” Chicken Tractor

At 7:45 PM, Saturday night, we finished moving the last chicken into the Cursed Chicken Tractor. They were not impressed, they had been snuggled into the coop at Fowlsom Prison and did not want to be moved.

I’m really pleased with the overall turn out of the not so “Stress Free” John Susucovich Chicken Tractor. I really feel like it would have been truly stress free, if we had been working under different circumstances. Like, if we had a bigger garage so that we could work in spite of nasty weather. Like if we had been able to pick out our own lumber and hadn’t been dependent on the hardware store to pick out pieces that weren’t horribly warped. Like if we had built it in early spring and NOT in the heat of summer. Like if I hadn’t gotten all experimental and tried to modify it to serve all of our needs. These things definitely contributed to the stress factor of the chicken tractor.

Would I build one again? Absolutely, particularly if we and when we have an opportunity to raise meat chickens. The plans are great, the book is really well written. If we built it just as it was written, it would have gone together very smoothly. We also learned how to make half-laps joints and bend conduit. We built a really awesome door and learned how to better apply pocket screws. This was a great learning opportunity and I think it gave us more confidence to build other larger projects in the future.

It’s done. The chickens have moved in and Everett and I have taken an enormous sigh of relief. Yes, we have other projects coming up, but we’re taking a little break from any major construction projects for a little while.

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