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Finding Joy Where You Can…This is the Way.

Sometimes you get the hero you need and the hero you deserve at the same time. This is a lesson of finding joy in the smallest and oddest of things. Well, it’s not odd if you know me.

Rewind about seven months, to the beginning of quarantine. Like most Star Wars fans, Everett and I were pretty pleased with the Mandalorian series on Disney Plus for completely objective and subjective reasons. We liked the way it expanded the universe. Everett is a huge fan of the Mandalorian culture aspect of the extended Star Wars lore. I really enjoyed the character development and narrative aspect. I also lost my ever loving mind over Baby Yoda. SERIOUSLY LOST IT. As in walking around the house singing “Dear Baby Yoda,” lost it. Watching Mando evolve from merc with a contract to devoted parent was so incredibly satisfying and completely understandable. I mean, who could sell his adorable greeness out?

Then I saw the video of the toys; one toy in particular. Did I need an interactive, animatronic Baby Yoda doll? Define need. Did I want one? YOU BET YOUR SWEET PATOOT, I WANTED ONE. Emphatically. I preordered mine and resigned myself to receiving him sometime around Christmas. I would have to satisfy myself with counting down until the second season of Mandalorian.

Or so I thought.

I got the message of the incoming asset on Tuesday. I didn’t need a tracking fob to locate his position. He was on his way. He arrived in Texas at about 10:23 AM.

His arrival is fortuitous. Admittedly, the return to physical school has been rougher than I thought it would be. I’ve gotten too used to being at home for seven months. As a home body, transitioning back to life away from home has meant things that I really failed to anticipate. Like drinking my morning coffee as fast as I can so I can put my mask back on versus getting to enjoy it. Spending my lunch time visiting my garden and chickens to make sure everything is well is now impossible and the result has been another batch of zucchini plants lost to squash borers. According to Everett, the cats and dog are really confused by my absence. Arthur keeps checking my studio to see if I’ve appeared. Monty keeps wandering back and forth between the rooms looking for me. This has made the whole process a bit depressing.

Is Baby Yoda going to fix all of this with his Force powers? Unlikely. Time and patience are the only things that are going to allow me to fully transition to life teaching in the time of Covid-19. However, Baby Yoda was a sweet little surprise, unexpected and fortuitous. Joy comes in the oddest of places. Sometimes the places you find it are silly and that’s okay. Whatever you need to keep going, find it and embrace it. Wallow in the silliness. Bask in the irreverent. Find your joy and peace.

This is the way.

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