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Finding a Win

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the sad state of my zucchini plants. They had been decimated by round two of squash borers. Things haven’t been going well in the garden. Too much rain killed many of my tomato plants with early blight. Flooding killed my melon plants. It’s been hot and cooler and then hot again. It has all been incredibly discouraging.

When that happens, you start looking for a win wherever you can find it. I’ve needed to find a gardening win for a while. I found one. My compost pile is actually doing what compost piles are supposed to do. I decided to turn it last weekend. While there are still large chunks present, smaller stuff has broken down beautifully and it’s starting to look like compost.

This has inspired me to set up more wins. I’ve started planting quickly growing plants like radishes and leaf lettuce, things that will emerge and develop in a short period of time and boost my gardening confidence.

I also think about what has gone well. For example, last weekend we moved Wendell into the old chicken coop and he seems to be really happy in his new home.

I had an enormous pile of almost free wood chips delivered to our house that we are going to use for an upcoming project, vs paying close to $300 dollars for them.

And we’ve begun redoing the laundry room to make it better suit our changing needs. If you’ve been watching the youtube channel, you have seen little glimpses of it. It’s all going to change very soon.

So when you can’t control the weather, focus on the things you can control and you’ll feel more empowered to keep taking the next step.

Until next time!

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