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I’ve Altered the Plan. Pray I Don’t Alter it Any Further.

Darth Vader says "Lift others up!" | Funny star wars memes, Star wars  quotes, Star wars humor
This week felt like Lord Vader was in charge of motivation and morale.

I usually use my own photographs for my blog, but this meme resonated with me greatly. I keep thinking about what Vader told Lando about the plan. I am a planner, a hyper-planner. It’s how I deal with a lack of control in my life. I plan. Right now my life feels very out of control. We returned to school with students last week and it felt like a week of Mondays. Even my students felt like it was Monday on Friday. The week just crawled. Likely due to low-level anxiety and changes to what had become somewhat normal. Every morning felt like a chaotic rush. The chaos made me feel very unsettled and out of control.

I decided to “flip the script.” “Flip the script” is code in my house for changing our perspective about something. It’s how something like home improvement projects that would stress out a normal person become therapeutic and calming for me, because it’s a way to have control over a corner of my world.

I decided the best way to make my morning routine less stressful is to change my evening routine. I am going to pack my lunch the night before, make sure my coffee is set up the night before, feed the animals outside the night before. I also plan on cooking meals early in the week that will feed us if the week proves stressful.

We have a lot going on between work and home, so simple steps I take can help make life more bearable. Things like taking time to pack a lunch that I actually want to eat, making sure I have coffee to last me the whole morning, and making sure I know where my things are located before I go to bed.

I’m hoping these simples steps will lift me from the doldrums and chaos. Hopefully this week will be better than the week before.

Take care of yourselves.

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