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Variations on a Theme: The Fresh Twenty Cookbook

Before we moved into our current house, Everett and I had a subscription to a website called “Fresh 20.” The concept was amazingly simple. It was like a food subscription service where you bought your own groceries. You purchased twenty items, some pantry staples, and voila! You had five delicious meals, prepped and planned.

I don’t know why we didn’t stick with it, but we and the Fresh 20 drifted apart. I think we cheated on them with Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. We didn’t really think about them, until recently, when I found that the blog’s author published a cookbook of seasonal meals that followed the Fresh 20 format. I have fallen in LOVE with this cookbook, because it has been a life saver for me. The five meals a week usually turns into 10 or more, because the book is written for a family of four and there are two of us. The food is wonderful and the cookbook informative and intuitive. The shopping lists are detailed and affordable. With grocery store curbside pickup, it’s like Blue Apron without the sketchiness of meat delivered to your door in Texas in August. I also love that this book was written with seasonal eating and produce in mind. It’s very gardener friendly! You can go through it and pick at least some of your veggies from the lists in each season’s section.

There are simply NOT enough superlatives to describe this cookbook. I have made a few videos about it for the YouTube Channel. For a sneak peek at the recipes this cookbook includes check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram Page.

You can get the cookbook here. Happy eating! Take care of yourselves.

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