Dig Dig for Victory

A Massive Pile of Wood Chips

A few months ago we decided that we wanted to lay paths of wood chips in the garden around the beds. We wanted to keep the weeds down, deal with the mud that comes with our massive Houston rain storms, and make things pretty. I started to price how much it cost to bring a bulk order of wood chips or mulch to our house. Most places I found were going to charge us a couple of hundred dollars plus delivery. Then I discovered ChipDrop.

ChipDrop connects you with arborists in your area who need a place to dump their chips. You sign up, pay $20, and magically (or at least like magic) a friendly arborist shows up at your door, while you are work, and nearly gives your husband a heart attack. At least that was my experience.

During 6th period I received a text message.

Everett: You wanted wood chips

Followed by:

Apparently he wanted to turn the drop away because what in the world are we going to do with them. He keeps telling me “you have brought an obscene amount of wood chips into our lives. ” He has since calmed down a little bit, but he still gets startled when he goes outside and sees the mountain of wood chips where the car should be. We have enough to lay our paths, mulch around our trees, mulch our existing garden beds, and fill the bottom part of the new beds to promote drainage. I imagine whatever we have left over will quickly disappear when we list a picture and a “free to a good home” announcement on our community garage sale page.

If you are on a budget, don’t want to pay delivery fees, and want to help repurpose tree waste, ChipDrop might be a good solution for you, if you and your marriage can deal with anywhere from 4 to 20 cubic yards of wood chips that is.

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