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Weekend Rewind

After the week we’ve had personally and nationally, Everett and I needed to take a rest. That’s not to say that we got nothing finished. We just took it slower than we have the last few weekends.

I had election day off. So I threw myself into hyper-nesting. When the dust settled Tuesday, I had painted three quarters of the laundry room and finished two thirds of the new floor. Everything is having to be done in sections because of the large appliances that need to be moved.

We worked on it a little more this weekend, moving the dryer, laying the floor underneath it and painting the wall around where the dryer goes. This is usually how projects seem to go for us. We really push hard the first day, get most of it done; the part that needs to be done to be finished doesn’t seem like it should take longer, but it does.

We really think we should be finished with the whole project by next week, including the new shelving and organization. We really think this project will improve our quality of life, because we will have a better handle on the cleaning stuff, the laundry stuff, and food stuff. I’m really excited about the direction the laundry room is going.

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