If you've been following the growth and development of the Churchills this past summer, you'll know that this was the
I noticed something rather odd about my buying habits during the spring shelter in place. Prior to lockdown, I bought
At 7:45 PM, Saturday night, we finished moving the last chicken into the Cursed Chicken Tractor. They were not impressed,
The first month of school is often the hardest month in the life of a teacher, if you don't count
When virtual teaching was about to kick off for this year, the Fella and I made some very important decisions
We made progress with the chicken tractor this weekend. After sweeping thick mud from Tropical Storm Beta off the sides,
I feel like September has gotten away from me. When I was looking at my planting calendar and I was
In August, we dodged a bullet in the form of Hanna that hit east of Houston. For some reason, for
As a general rule of thumb, I am hyper-planner. Lists and then lists of lists, was kind of an organizational
As I said in a previous post, we have quite a few projects coming down the pike at the Modage/Leyshaw