The month began with three new arrivals on the Leyshaw Homestead. We've been eating a lot of eggs since sheltering
I woke up this morning to the "beep, beep, beep" of a truck backing up. A dump truck had arrived
I am finally off on summer break, so I've been spending my time finishing projects. Today, I finished Fowlsom Prison
Last week, I wrote about organizing my seed collection and taking stock of what I have in it. I realized
The Fella and I started construction on the new chicken run that we have dubbed "Fowlsom Prison." Because of where
In Zone 9a, as I have mentioned before, we have some weird growing guidelines. We can grow decent tomatoes in
The Fella and I went digging through the house last month, looking for all the random places that I had
I have been spending "stay at home" time reading. Today it is "The Backyard Homestead" series. Last week it was
Alternatively, I get by with a little help from my friends. I mentioned on Wednesday, how I felt a bit
When Covid-19 first started hitting America really hard in March, I told the fella that "this panic buying is one