This rather unimpressed photo was taken the night before I was stricken with the Dallas Death Plague of 2016.  A
Hello everyone, Fella here!  Miranda has contracted some sort of deadly plague from her bi-weekly trips to Dallas, so I
This was supposed to mark the beginning of a new series I'm working on, but we had technical difficulties.  The
Last Friday, I wrote that one of the reasons I try to participate in the Self-Stitched-September and Me-Made-May is because
September 1 I wore this exact same outfit for Me-Made-May 2015, the one that fell apart after one week due
A friend of mine was in Austin for a weekender.  While she was there, I received a phone call asking
This Jell-o-centric booklet was a birthday gift from a friend.  Flipping through it, the Fella became fixated on a picture
Today is kicking off a weekend of celebrating the thing that is probably my favorite thing, or person as he
There is a fantastic shop in Houston called "My Flaming Heart."  The proprietress and artist in residence makes beautiful retro
I started sewing again in earnest in July, having been in a sewing funk for just shy of a year.