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    I am the Breadwinner!

    To go with tonight’s dinner of Spaghetti Squash Marinara, I decided we needed some rosemary bread.  Thus I set out to make some in the most obnoxiously, self righteous “Goopy” Gwyneth Paltrow way. I activated my yeast.  Only the happiest of yeast gets this foamy.  Make sure your yeast is well cared for and fed properly.  I mixed up the dough using my stand mixer with the bread hook.   While my dough was rising, I mixed up a batch of banana bread.  If you don’t multitask like this, you aren’t “Goopy’ enough, and I will judge you.   Consider yourself warned. I kneaded the dough a second time by hand…

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    Melted Cheese and Pumpkin Pie

    Some of the Sword to Sword folks came over this weekend for a post-Christmas gaming session.  A night of melted cheese and dice rolling helped to make the transition back to work from vacation a little less tedious.  I used a traditional Swiss fondue recipe with a bit of tweaking to accommodate yet another variety of cheese.  I made a simple wheat loaf to use as  cheese dip conveyance chunks.  For dessert I made super savory pumpkin pie with a vanilla, cinnamon whipped cream.