The Modage

The Modage before closing day.

When we bought the modage (Mod+Cottage=Modage), she was a poor re-muddled flip with only the vestiges of retro curb appeal. We are starting year four with her. Some aspects of her are still remuddled and fliptastic, but like all good retrovators, the Fella and I are trying to coax this phoenix from the ashes of the greig nation.

Modage after face lift

Before we moved in, we painted every single room in the house and had our floors completely redone. Everything was neutral and had a case of the blahs. The floors were a mess of peeling polyurethane.

Since moving in, we have painted the exterior a far more period appropriate aqua (Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise.) We liked it so much that we redid our living room walls in the same color.

The Fella and I are terribly proud of our tiny slice of heaven. She’s still not perfect, but slowly we are getting her there. She’s as much a part of the family as the pets.